Nov 30, 2011

My wear

Red leather skirt, stripey shirt, back heels, skull scarf and a blast in my arm (tons of bracelets)

Rock your wednesday ciccios!

Nov 29, 2011


The Purple Editor and Artist Miltos Manetas Wander the Virtual Desert

Nov 25, 2011


MOOSE magazine 
DAVID SORIA photographer 

Nov 22, 2011

Dance biotch!!!

Clicky click!! ...and be ready to shake that booty

iPhone Lagermized

Yessir my ciccios, The kàiser strikes again.
Now it´s iphone time. He customized this four mobiles
Where to buy??? Have no Karl idea!!
But hey, will keep you posted ;)

Rock your Monday!! 

yeah i know it´s tuesday actually but as i arrived last night from a bloody crazy weekend in Madrid, it´s moday today. I said!! 

via nymag

Nov 9, 2011


Buenos días everyone!!

I need your help, please vote for my collage so i could have the opportunity to fly to London for a coolhunting project 

Here is the linky-click

p.d. If you get lost, search "Elenka Montesinos" projects ;)
Tons of thanks!

Nov 8, 2011


Yes, ladies & gentlemans I´m addicted
Pheeew wasn´t that hard to say...


Yeah i know, many of you ladies are too...
but hey!! it´s my blog so i talk about me ;)

Nov 2, 2011

The world in my wrist

Yes, it is!! I have a tradition: new place visited, new bracelet wrapped. 

Wherever i travel i have to keep a souvenir bracelet from the city im in
Said this, let me illustrate you  :
(from left to right)

1. Ibiza: this silver skull beauty was gifted from my best friend Neil, he run a tattoo studio on the island called "Inkadelic" (you MUST drop over if you are there)

2. London: i saw this onyx chakra one and had to get my hands up it. This was while sliding around Notting Hill with my girls

3-4. Turkey: Nazar and Hand of Fatima

5. Texas : silver navajo cuff from the Navajo tribe

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