Mar 7, 2013

A GIZIA Story in NYC


Photographer: Harol Baez
Stylist: Tyson Perez

Makeup Artist: Joel Vazquez

Hair Stylist: Jared Riccardi

Creative Art Director for Gizia: Erkan Demiroglu

Models: Ira and Lindsey @ Muse

Over and over again, they never disappoints me. 
Gizia is getting bigger day by day! Of course that just can be reached by the hard-harder-hardest work of an united team. 
This time was NYC, < ahhhhh (sighning!) NY!! You can´t imagine how much i miss you!! >  they came, they saw and (of course) they concquered!! 
Freezing weather conditions could not stop the group of real professional beings... Harol, Tyson, Joel,  Jared, Ira, Lindsey and Mr Demiroğlu (aka my-sweetest-baklava)  

Hands down boys!!  Well done, good job pays off ;)

Cuidarse ciccios 

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